Mosaic Flowerstakes

The Mosaic Flowerstakes

The Flowerstakes are the new addition this year! For a while now I had the desire to make and see 3D flower-like kind of sculptures. I also wanted to use new materials I love working with: Glass, glazed ceramics and vitreous tiles, mirrors, to create mosaic Flower heads. Offering a wide variety of colours and forms, most of these materials also have reflective properties that will bring sparkles in your garden when hit by the sun.

For this first collection the pieces are placed to form regular patterns. Part of the joy for me is to sit and play with various pieces and material, arranging, re-arranging, turning, cutting to create these patterns, therefore every mosaic is unique.

They are constructed onto geometrical shapes, ball, disc, diamond, cone that are mounted on top of a metal stake (steel or copper) holding a curly leaf. At the base of the mosaic head, there is a metal “collar” formed in various shape.

I also wanted to explore the various finishes the copper offers. Flammed or patinated, the results are endless, being the colours and/or texture.

All materials used are sealed and/or waterproof and the metal elements are lacquered.

The stem then fits onto a separated steel fork that will be pushed into the ground. That will avoid the bottom of the stem to decay and will also avoid damaging the flowerstake when trying to press in a hard or difficult ground.

Colourful, shiny, elegant and delicate, the Mosaic Flowerstakes will be a beautiful addition to any garden, bedding or pot!

Mosaic Flowerstakes Gallery.