Flower Boards

Flower Drawings

Meet the “Family”! These are the drawings of every flowers you can choose from and that you can see painted on boards in our shop and in the gallery. Each has a name you can refer to when ordering a bespoke board.

The Flower Boards.

Barbomina - Cladding Boards
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I started designing the flowers bit by bit, slowly building and creating a collection. Some of these designs are my take on existing flowers such as Daisies, Lotus, Rudbeckia, Lavender etc whilst others come from my imagination, often inspired by geometrical shape I like such as the cone or objects with interesting shapes. For example the flower called “Moria” comes from a Christmas bulb I saw. Each of them sprung up from a pot/base, wearing a piece of jewellery or dots.

However I do not try to paint realistic representations of flowers but more a fantasist view which allows me more freedom and suits my style of painting best. Indeed, since starting at college, my paintings seems to always have a cartoon vibes about them. Carefully chosen, the colours are bold and vibrant, giving them a playful character and I enjoy seeing people smiling when looking at them as much as I do when painting them. Little by little I also started inviting insects in. They walk, fly, flirt, dance and talk to each other, living in harmony.

Each Flowerboard is different, be it the number of flowers, the straight or curvy stem, the colours, the background, the size…even the bejewelled pots are all details that are distinctive between the pieces.