About Garden Groove

For as long as I can remember, I always been passionately involved in the Arts and crafts. The act of making has always been a great way of channelling my creativity; and this making has played an important role in helping me cope with any tough life events and also played an important role in my happiest times.

My childhood was spent in France, and then at the age of twenty, I moved to Fuerteventura, a beautiful island with sea, wind and desert in the Canaries. Here, I immersed myself in working with materials such as seashells, papier-mâché and textiles. It’s also here that I made my masterpiece which is now 31 years old!

After this freeing and creative experience, I packed my bags and travelled to London, UK, in my late twenties where I discovered UK’s Adults Community Colleges and I was really able to find myself by studying a range of subjects. I took courses in clay, fine art, furniture design, jewellery, woodwork, tai-chi, aromatherapy, massage and even telescope making!. From studying these crafts, I came to the conclusion that beyond textiles and paper, it was the harder materials, such as wood and metal that gave me more joy. I was able to realise a collection of large-scale pieces.
I am forever thankful for these opportunities.

A final course I undertook was in Garden design and construction. This allowed me to engage as a landscape gardener for many years and where I was allowed to employ many of the skills that I had acquired over the years. It was during this time that I was introduced to a further hard material: concrete; I discovered its beauty and versatility were too often overshadowed by its utility. Indeed, it can be cast into amazing forms, whilst tints, colours and textures can all be added to it.

From London, I then moved onto Bournemouth before finally settling in the Purbeck. As rewarding as I found my work in landscape/gardening, my back begged me to stop, and so I listened and opened Garden Groove in 2021, thus starting a new chapter in my life. I had been spending quite some time in my garden and whilst looking at the space with the plants against the bare backdrop of fences and walls, I began to imagine colourful paintings adoring them. And that’s how it all started! I wanted to make use of all the various skills I had learnt along the way and employ the materials I most love working with: pyrography, painting, sculpture, mosaics, wood, concrete, metal and glass.

This all coincided with my partner Bones, a master craftsman, beginning to mix metal, wood and the local Purbeck stone to realise his concepts and fabricate garden furniture and other crafted objects such as fire-pits.

So Garden Groove was created, a space where people can source unique artwork and crafted objects that will enhance the experience of outdoor living with beauty, colour & design all year round.