Mosaic Flowerstake


The diamond head is 30cm. In oranges and yellow, the pattern is made with glass and vitreous tiles with a sealed black grout.

The copper collar and leaf are slightly flamed on a natural stem. The whole is lacquered

Dimensions: 1.15m x 33cm.

The fork: 90cm.


Flowerstakes : Due to the delicate nature of the stakes, posting isn't an option but please contact us to arrange delivery or to be picked-up.



The mosaic head is fashioned on a geometrical form, covered with a layer of mesh and a coat of waterproof cement adhesive. The various pieces of this collection are glued forming a regular pattern. The grout used is suitable for outdoors and can be in a variety of colours: black; blue; purple; cream and white. Nevertheless, a lot of other colours are available on demand. The mosaic is then sealed. The materials used for the pieces are glass, tiles and mirrors. Some of these are hand cut and every pattern created is unique.

The flower stem is a copper tube inserted and then glued into the mosaic. At its top is attached a copper ‘collar’ shaped into various forms with glass pieces adorning. A copper-curled leaf holding a glass nugget is also fixed to the stem.
The copper of the collar and the leaf then have one of three finishes: natural, flamed or patinated; making every element unique. Finally layers of lacquer are applied on the whole stem.

The stem is mounted onto a detachable steel fork, which protects the bottom of the stem from decay, and avoids damaging the whole piece when trying to press the fork into hard or difficult ground.
Colourful, shiny, elegant, and delicate, this Mosaic Flowerstake will be a beautiful addition to any garden bed or pot!